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So the suggestion for UBC post#11 was to write a post like it was an advice column… so here you go, folks, this is your chance!!!

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This is a “Dear K’Lee” post – I welcome your questions and as long as they are reasonable, I’ll do my best to answer them. I can get this started with a couple questions people frequently ask me…

Q: “Dear K’Lee, is it too late for me to go back to school at 39 [27][42][any age over 22]?”

A: “Definitely not!! I’m a major proponent of lifelong learning. I earned my M.Ed. degree at the age of 50. Now, at 54, I’m still working toward my Ed.D. degree.  Online learning, especially, makes it even more convenient for adult learners to return to school, whether for individual courses or entire degree programs.”


Q: “Dear K’Lee, is online dating safe? Can you really meet a decent man [woman]?”

A: “On the first part of the question, it depends. You do have to be careful about how much information you choose to share. You should also exercise caution if/when you decide to meet someone in person. Let someone else know where you’re going and always meet in a public place.

On the second part of the question – yes, of course, but then I’m biased, since my hubby and I met online! We first began chatting at the end of 2002, got together in person in 2003, and got married in 2006. Note that I did meet some less than desirable, indecent men before I met my hubby – so again, see my answer to the first part of the question! But yes, it is possible to meet decent people through online dating – and if you’re especially blessed, that man or woman may end up being your “soul mate.”



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