Cyber Monday Special Good Through December 10

I know it’s past Cyber Monday–but I have a special to offer anyone looking for handmade customized gifts!  Cyber Monday and the next couple weeks offer an opportunity to shop online AND advertise my own online special. Let me tell you more about my OTHER home-based business, in addition to my freelance business. It is K-Lee’s Kreations and my specialty is making custom fabric products (quilts, pillows, bags, and other items), many with imprinted photos.


My K-Lee's Kreations montage of photo-imprinted products.
My K-Lee’s Kreations montage of photo-imprinted products.


This question that frequently arises, “How do you do that?” — is in reference to how I create all my imprinted photos on products such as the items in the above photo.

I finally wrote the whole explanation in a note on Facebook at my K-Lee’s Kreations page, as well as at Etsy and Bonanza, so people would understand the process.



Since so many people ask about the imprinting process that I use to make my photo products, I thought I would explain it here. 


Most people send photos as ‘jpeg’ attachments via email – some folks send photos via ‘snail mail’ and I scan them. I typically do a little photo editing: do some cropping, make them the right size, add different effects, or whatever works for each photo.


I have a second printer set up with sublimation ink and dye sublimation transfer paper, which is what I use to print out the photos.


The photos are then IMPRINTED into a poly poplin fabric using sublimation ink and a heat press (my first one was a DIY version that  my ‘handy hubby’ made for me, with a simple hot plate and base! Now I have an official heat press made by Gecko Heat Transfer Solutions).


These are NOT regular computer ink photos!


The combination of the sublimation ink and the heat press transforms the ink into a gas, which permeates the fabric. This causes the photos to virtually become part of the fabric, making them permanent, while the fabric stays soft and flexible (not the stiff ironed-on feeling!)


You can also wash and dry the items with the imprinted photos! 


One of the reasons I most enjoy adding imprinted photos to my handmade products is the joy it evokes in those people who receive items as gifts or who buy them for themselves or others. I also get to share a little in the lives of those who trust me with their cherished photos, and I know I’m creating heirloom products that are personal and meaningful to those who receive them.


I have concentrated primarily on creating customized products, made to order for now, so here’s my Cyber Monday special:

#CyberMonday deal!! $10 off my custom pillows!

Visit my Etsy shop (<– click)

Look at the single photo pillows

or collage pillows with 4 or 9 photos.

Then email me at

for details and to receive an invoice

for the sale price + shipping.

**ORDER BY 12/10!!**

Single photo pillow with imprinted photo--me as a baby!
Single photo pillow with imprinted photo–me as a baby!


So what are YOUR thoughts?

Did you do any Cyber Monday shopping?

Do you prefer shopping online rather than fighting the hustle and bustle in stores?

One of the many pillows I've made.
One of my 4-photo collage pillows.
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