Crafting – Stories & Toy Boxes

Crafting is something I have done for, well, almost “forever” – nearly my entire life, in some form or another!

I still remember the first Christmas that I made gifts for family members, especially the stuffed animals for my sisters – I think I might have been 12 or so at the time, although I can’t recall exactly. I was more anxious for them to see THEIR presents, than to get my own!  I think one sister still has that stuffed animal, which then became one or more of HER kid’s “pets.”

I eventually became an accomplished seamstress – from baby clothes to wedding gowns – as well as a quilter, with perhaps my biggest quilting project (literally the biggest) being a king-size quilt created for a marine who’s still serving our country. That quilt was a labor of love, in collaboration with his proud Mom.  Here’s a picture of that quilt and its proud owner:


I also recently crafted my first story, entitled Fatherly Reflections, which I mentioned in my solo June post about being a newly published author.  Now that I’ve written that first story, I have more creative ideas in mind for more books.  Please check out my first book, available in both ebook and print form at Amazon:


Are you wondering about the toy boxes yet? Well, it’s funny how inspiration strikes me when I have limited time to craft or create things! The idea for my book occurred two weeks before Father’s Day – the idea to make a fabric toy box just occurred to me earlier this week, less than a week before the baby shower I will go to this weekend. I saw a much smaller box idea in one of my craft books and felt inspired to make a larger one as a toy box.

I’m using 2-inch foam to form the box, wrapping it in batting, and then using a couple of cute prints in fleece to form the outer cover, and a solid fleece inside and on the bottom. I’m still working on it, but I’ll post a picture when it’s done.

Need some crafting inspiration? Check out my K’Lee’s Kreations at both Etsy and Bonanza, and Facebook, too! What kinds of crafty things do YOU like to make? Have you felt any spontaneous inspiration recently?


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