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I made a conscious decision NOT to get involved with all the political bickering that has been prevalent on Facebook over the past month. I dislike confrontation and would just as soon not express my opinion on personal matters like religious and political beliefs.

BUT … this morning I decided to make ONE post with my own observation and political commentary on the results from the presidential election – or perhaps more accurately, on the behavior of people especially on Facebook, regarding the elections. Ironically, I got several “Likes” on my comment – and one very nice compliment.

Here is what I said:

“This will be my ONLY political comment:

I just hope Obama understands that nearly half of the nation’s voters did NOT want him as President for another term – that he did NOT win “by a landslide” – and that he will do all he can to unite the country and work with BOTH sides (and to be fair, the same could have been said of Romney as President, if he had won, by such a narrow margin).

I realize a non-partisan government is more of a dream than a reality – but it would be nice if everybody would learn from the results of this election, and work together for the good of the PEOPLE who elected them into office…and hopefully some civility will return to our government – as well as to FACEBOOK!

I really dislike confrontation, and the awful tone that erupted especially over the past few weeks around here has been very discouraging and even alarming at times! I blogged about it, too, but after the name-calling and insults hurled around – I have a hard time understanding how the people guilty of doing that think life will just return to “normal” now.

I mean, really? Some people have called half the other people they know idiots, fools, and various other horrible names, just because they had different political beliefs – and now things are fine? It’s bad enough to be a sore loser, but being a poor “winner” with a bad attitude is just as annoying, if not more so!”


The compliment I received was this: “Very elegant sentiment and extremely elegantly written!!”

Whether anyone else agrees with her compliment or not – I appreciated it! It’s always nice to know that something you have written or shared means something to even one other person; with her compliment, and several “Likes” – I’m glad I decided to take a chance and post my political commentary after all!

This fit in nicely with the NaBloPoMo prompt for today, which was to discuss the last compliment we received. How about you? Have you received any compliments recently?


[Posted as part of NaBloPoMo--November theme: Blogging for Blogging's Sake].

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