Clutter, My Old Nemesis – Your Days Are Numbered!




It’s true. Clutter has been my nemesis most of my adult life.


           Clutter!!! [Source: morgueFile free photos]


When my family members and I went through decades of *stuff* at our childhood home when my Mom passed away in 2011 (and Dad previously in 2002) – a task that had fallen mostly to one sister and her family who live closest to the house  – it was obvious where I picked up this habit!


My Mom had “treasures” dating back to the 1940s, when she was in high school. The gargantuan task of de-cluttering that house was necessary to prepare to place it on the market, since both parents were gone and the sale of the house yielded my siblings’ and my shared “inheritance” per our parents’ stipulations. Going through that experience convinced me that I need to undertake a similar process NOW and not leave it to my family members after I’m gone.


The events of that day further confirmed the importance of de-cluttering, organizing, rearranging, and otherwise condensing and simplifying my life! This necessity goes WAY beyond merely de-cluttering my desk, as I blogged about years ago on “National Clean Off Your Desk Day.”


Cluttered Desk! [Source: Image by Jim Carson via Flickr]


Have you ever had to find important papers and tax-related information from previous years? How about other essential items? I thought I was organized – I have a file drawer and file boxes for the majority of that kind of stuff. Wouldn’t you know it, though, that I located the information for every year EXCEPT the two I needed? I just can’t figure out what could possibly have happened to those two folders or any of the related paperwork.


My husband and I lost HOURS that day, just sifting through boxes and bins of papers and file folders, all to no avail. We discovered we can request a free transcript of past years to obtain the info we need – but it’s still so frustrating to NOT be able to find what we know is here – SOMEWHERE!!


   Cluttered bedroom!! [Source: morgueFile free photos]


So what did we learn that day?

*MUST de-clutter and organize MUCH better!

*Keep ALL tax-related paperwork in ONE location, clearly marked.

*Likewise, organize related paperwork and other items, and keep them together in ONE location.

*THROW stuff out – really – it’s OK to NOT hold onto catalogs that expired years ago!



Yeah, definitely time for some EARLY spring cleaning around here!


(Our unused front entryway)


So What About YOU?

(I do hope I’m NOT the only one who has this problem!)


Do you have problems with clutter?


Do you have strategies you could share for overcoming clutter?





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6 thoughts on “Clutter, My Old Nemesis – Your Days Are Numbered!”
  1. My hubby is a pack rat and I am not allowed to trash stuff. I often find stuff I trashed back in the house or something. Heck yeah, I need to declutter. I do keep living room decluttered,but it is next to dinning room. And my poor dining room table gets all the junk mail amd papers that need sorting or trashing.

  2. Oh clutter!! I am a HUGE fan of yearly purges where I do my best to cut my wardrobe by at least 25%. Hurts at first but then something amazing happens, it feels so good to be free of it all. Thanks for this.

  3. Oh, boy. I sure had these problems too! I found a couple blogs and websites to follow such as flylady that had daily reminders and others that had monthly challenges and I finally got my &^%$* together! I am a completely different person now. If I don’t love it it moves out!
    Joanne recently posted..Homework Station Vision Board #1

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