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Welcome to the first Friday in 2015! How are you doing? Any special plans for this first weekend in the new year? As I mentioned in my first post for New Year’s Day, I joined the Ultimate Blog Challenge so I can use the daily tips sent out to refresh and reinforce the habit of … Read more

December 3–> Guest Blogger Bryan on Balancing Two Careers and Family Life

Welcome back to my blog, where today’s writing prompt and theme from the Article Writing Challenge is all about guest blogging! Or specifically, featuring a guest blogger.  So for this Wednesday, December 3rd post, I wanted to share my fellow writer Bryan’s struggle to balance two careers, family, and personal life.     Here’s Bryan’s … Read more

My Favorite Top 5 Business Sites

My weekend was one of re-establishing some priorities in my life, so blogging had to get set aside for a couple days. BUT…I’m back and plan to catch up those two posts, plus one for today, so I can actually complete the Ultimate Blog Challenge for July! Jumpstart Your Day at this Helpful Forum! For … Read more

Marvelous Mentor Michelle Shaeffer!

I have had a few busy days with other obligations, so I’m trying to catch up now with the NaBloPoMo writing prompts. The writing prompt for Thursday, 3/14, was this:

Who out there in the world would be the best mentor for your ideas and goals?

If I  apply this question to the area of blogging, and if I were to choose a mentor for blogging, I know for sure that I would choose Michelle Shaeffer. Actually, I am already receiving the benefits of her blogging experience and expertise, although not on a one-on-one basis… not yet, anyway! I participate in various blog challenges, workshops, webinars, and Facebook groups that Michelle leads.

Here she is, the “Marvelous  Mentor Michelle Shaeffer” ….

MichelleShaeffer (2)

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Attention Bloggers – Make Your Blogs Famous with Michelle Shaeffer’s Help!

OK, all you bloggers – if you have been blogging for any length of time, then you know who Michelle Shaeffer is! I just found out about this teaching she’s doing this afternoon and wanted to share it with you; and to be totally upfront, this is an affiliate link:  Make Your Blog Famous. Here’s … Read more

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