Silent Contributor to Education through Instructional Design and Curriculum Development

When I’ve told people I’m pursuing my Doctor of Education degree, they have assumed I would be teaching. Actually, no. I would not be interested in teaching in person–maybe online, as an instructional facilitator–but not face to face. I now prefer to be involved as a silent contributor to education, primarily in instructional design and … Read more

Beware the Paper Mills – Unethical and Should Be Illegal!

Beware the Paper Mills!! They’re unethical and they SHOULD be illegal! Students should ALWAYS write their own papers, NOT cheat their way through school!     I’m sure you have seen them – ads offering the “opportunity” for students to PURCHASE papers (essays, research papers, even dissertations!!) crafted by “professional” writers.   I have looked … Read more

The Quiltmaking Process

Yes, I realize this is NOT my K-Lee’s Kreations blog–but since I’m still working on updating that blog and K-Lee’s Kreations is my other business…I’m cross-posting. 😉     The suggestion for Day 13 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge is this idea: Day 13: Process Every niche or market has its own process. What process … Read more

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