Procrastination, Priorities, and Purpose – Part 1 – Defining Procrastination

As we wind down the summer, and head into fall and the holiday season, I thought I would rerun a popular series of blog posts I originally published 2-3 years ago. The theme for this series is “Preventing Procrastination, Prizing Prioritizing, and Pursuing Purpose.” Today we’ll start on the topic of procrastination.   It’s a … Read more

Are You Reaching Your Goals? Or Do You Have No Goals to Reach? August 5 Motivation

Setting goals … this may seem like a “buzz phrase” used by mentors, coaches, educators, fitness professionals, and many other people. Yet setting goals in life is essential to keep us moving forward, rather than sliding backwards–or perhaps worse, standing still and stagnating. Think of a slimy, green pond with no inlet or outlet, and … Read more

March Motivation Modification and the 30 Day Blogging Challenge

Happy March 1st (well, it has crept into March 2nd here in Maine!) I apologize for my disappearance from the blogosphere. Life and its various demands and obligations called me away, as I needed to prioritize. March is my birthday month, though, and one thing I want to make time for beginning NOW is getting … Read more

Guest Post by Published Writer Jenna Inouye

Welcome to 1-11-15! Day 11 and blog post 11…and today, the Ultimate Blog Challenge blogging idea was to choose from a list of 30 ideas! So today’s post is a variation of the idea to do an interview, except it’s actually a guest blog post by my fellow writer and published author, Jenna Inouye.   … Read more

You KNOW You Need It – More Time In Your Day!!!

Isn’t it true? So often, it seems like we need more time in our days to accomplish everything we need or want to do. Managing time management seems like a task all by itself and requires the knowledge  necessary to overcome procrastination and identify time wasters, and then to implement significant, effective strategies to be … Read more