Caption This Photo – Help Make It Go Viral!

It’s definitely a Monday. I’ve been sick for a few days with what appears to be the flu and/or a sinus infection…NOT fun!  So today’s Ultimate Blog Challenge writing prompt is actually really easy and good for today:

Post a picture and ask readers to make it go viral!

So here it is – my fur babies, keeping me company on the bed while I’m sick!


            My pups, taking care of Mama!


Zoe is my 3-year-old black lab/whippet mix pup, the one staring at me when I took the picture. She had her head in my lap! Desi is our 4 1/2- year -old Plott hound.  They haven’t left my side during the day, and even when hubby Dave is in his usual place on the couch in the den, the dogs have spent more time in here (the bedroom) with me, watching over me and keeping me company. I’ve also had any number of our 8 cats coming in to check on me. Animals are awesome companions!



So what about YOU?

Do you have any fur babies who keep you company during the day, but who are especially affectionate when you’re sick?

What’s your caption for my photo? I would love it if you would share this post and include your caption! Thanks. 🙂


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