C is for CATS – All 8 of Them! #atozchallenge

C is for CATS…

8 Cats!

Welcome to “C” day of the A to Z Blog Challenge!

Today’s topic is

C is for CATS!



I make no apology for being a lover of “fur babies” because animals are such wonderful companions in the home, especially when you work from home and don’t get much chance to socialize “out there” in the real world.

So we have CATS 8 of them to be exact! All rescues; 5 from one litter of ferals in our back yard 7 1/2 years ago; 3 more from a pregnant mama cat about 1 1/2 years ago, who would have been euthanized  if our vet tech had not rescued her!

Our five formerly feral kittens

Our three newest feline friends

They all are so different from one another – as if they have different “purr-sonalities.” They each have their own habits, and even “catitudes” regarding how they treat us. While they are all friendly and comfortable with us, some are friendlier than others. Some of them enjoy cuddling with us, while others will submit to petting, but not so much holding. If we had a bigger home, we would most likely have even more!

So What About You?


Do you like cats, or have any of your own?


Have you ever been involved in rescuing or fostering cats, or other animals?





4 thoughts on “C is for CATS – All 8 of Them! #atozchallenge”
  1. We have loads of street cats here and I’ve become the local “cat mother” to about 10 adults and 7 babies. I can’t take them into my home but they live in the garden, they have shelter and they get food and water and as many cuddles as they’ll put up with. I try to get them all spayed or neutered but it’s not always easy to coax them into a carrier.

  2. I love cats and have had cats all of my life. My cat is now living with my sister. She is 17 years old and has a thyroid problem, as well as high blood pressure. Hence she is blind. She needs to be in a small space to feel secure and she has a room for herself. She is fed chicken and she is given pills (which she doesn’t like, hence, she can’t be in a big house where there are too many hiding places). I would love to do kitty fostering and I used to work occasionally as a pet sitter.

  3. I love kittens scared to death of cats lol. I’ve met a lot of friends on Facebook have cats so I have learned more about them like how smart and loving they are. I’m a dog person but I love the kitty pics my friends share.

  4. I love my cat. He came to me as a kitten of just 5 weeks when he was rescued. He loved my dog when she arrived, another rescue, and pined terribly when she died. She was an old girl, bless her.

    Enjoy the journey!
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