Bravest Thing I Ever Did: Escape Apartment Fire

I didn’t have to think too long about the answer to this NaBloPoMo writing prompt:

What is the bravest thing you’ve ever done?

The answer to that would be: escaping a fire back in 1985 – or more directly, protecting three children and myself, and getting all of us safely out of the burning apartment…from the second floor window to the ground.

Ironically, I don’t remember much of that day and really can’t claim credit for all of us surviving. I’m convinced that the hand of God, as well as His angels, stood between the flames, and the children and myself. There is no logical explanation for how we survived.

Witnesses at the scene — including the police officers who arrived first and caught the children (ages 4 months, 2 years, and 3 years old) as I dropped them out the window — said they could see flames right behind me.  When I fell out the window (I don’t know if I passed out or what exactly happened), flames shot out after me, as if trying to snatch me back.

God had other plans, and after surviving nearly fatal injuries (skull fracture, concussion, scalp laceration, broken neck, and major blood loss) that left me drifting in and out of consciousness for three days, I recovered and lived to tell this story. In fact, I have started writing my book about the experience, which I hope to have published by March 2013, which will mark 28 years since the event.  It is tentatively entitled Angels in the Midst of the Flames. Stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “Bravest Thing I Ever Did: Escape Apartment Fire”
  1. I am so glad you and your children made it out of the fire. You were very brave and had the presence of mind to get them all out. I panic in emergencies, and I know you shouldn’t and I see “black” and don’t know what I am doing until people tell me.

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