Blogathon Commencing!

Greetings, one and all!

I really did NOT fall off the planet – just got sidetracked with a hectic month due to — no big surprise — getting behind on OTHER obligations! Problem is, I signed up to do the Ultimate Blog Challenge (UBC) prior to realizing how busy the month of April would be for me.

My major obligation for the month was completing my 10th doctoral course,  Instruction and the Internet, which I did successfully a week ago, on April 22nd (technically, it was about 2:30am on April 23rd).  Then I needed a few days to recover – plus I enjoyed a 3-day visit from my youngest daughter, who happens to be pregnant with my very first grandchild – and I had a few freelance articles to write.

Anyway, I am especially happy with how my final two assignments turned out, so I’ll share them with you here.

*I created a WebQuest:  I had never done this before, and though it was time-consuming, I enjoyed the challenge and plan to create more. I would appreciate if people would check it out, and perhaps leave reviews or comments. Here it is: Lighthouses in Maine: Why is Maine Known as the Lighthouse State?

*I created a teacher’s website at  I had been looking for an avenue to share my numerous articles on autism and other developmental disorders, learning disabilities, and the like, with special education teachers, parents, and even students who have special needs. I have my autism blog, which I plan to further develop as well and add a page essentially to do the same thing I did with this site. That task will be a bit easier, now that I’ve at least begun a list of resources at this site I created for my final assignment: Special Resources for Special Education Teachers.

So yeah, that’s  the majority of what I was doing for the month of  April, culminating with those final projects. So why did I want to join the UBC? Because I like to write (no kidding!) and enjoy sharing what I learn along the way with others. Blogging provides that wonderful creative writing avenue that isn’t strict about what you write, when, or how … except when it’s a blog challenge to write 30 posts in 30 days! Hence my blog title about the “blogathon” – now I’m challenging myself to write 15 posts today and 15 tomorrow – on THIS blog (I won’t go into too much detail about the blogs I entered for the A to Z April Challenge, and how many posts I still need to do for THOSE!)


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