Best Meal I Ever Cooked

It’s open to debate and I’m sure each of my now grown kids would have different opinions, but the NaBloPoMo writing prompt for November 14 (running behind – on a project deadline for noon, 11/15!) was to discuss the “best meal I’ve ever cooked.”

I can say without a doubt, however, that the best meals usually came from Taste of Home recipes and all those I’m including here are available at Taste of Home  (highly recommended!)

When my four kids were young, we were a homeschooling family and we included “home ec” as part of our school program – baking, cooking, meal prep – and clean up, of course!

It really is difficult to choose one “best” meal, but I seem to recall the first time I made calzones – everybody loved them, and I did end up making them again, several times!

They were labor intensive, from making the crust, to stuffing the calzones, to baking them (and I made mine without the help of a bread machine for the crust) – and of course they were gone in considerably less time than it took to make them! Yummy and totally worth it, though!

I know for certain that a favorite breakfast meal was breakfast bread pudding – much like a pan of delicious French toast, with a few surprises added – usually made for special occasions.

I also know for sure that there are two other special dishes I still make for family gatherings – I dare not show up without them! One is a favorite pastry known as cream cheese coffee cake.

The other is my youngest daughter’s favorite dessert, strawberry angel cake – I use strawberry jello instead of the unflavored gelatin mentioned in the recipe (so you don’t need to add sugar, either). I also use a jello mold that has the hole in the center, and then after arranging some fresh sliced strawberries on top of the cake, I put the remainder of them in a cup in that center hole so people can add more strawberries with their slices – or just eat them as is!

I think that sums up a few favorite “best” meals and dishes – how about you and your family? Maybe you can try one or more of these during the upcoming holidays – you might have a NEW “best” meal!

2 thoughts on “Best Meal I Ever Cooked”
  1. Wow, Mom. I cannot believe you missed Italian Love Cake!! (

    I don’t remember where you got the recipe, to be honest, but I do know that this is one dish that goes beyond “favorite” – This is practically famous!

    Also, as far as one of the better cold weather meals you make, I have to list another one that you forgot about: Cheesy Chicken Soup!!

    All in all, though, an excellent summation of those items which we all love dearly — Because they’re each made with love!
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