Best Meal I Ever Cooked

It’s open to debate and I’m sure each of my now grown kids would have different opinions, but the NaBloPoMo writing prompt for November 14 (running behind – on a project deadline for noon, 11/15!) was to discuss the “best meal I’ve ever cooked.”

I can say without a doubt, however, that the best meals usually came from Taste of Home recipes and all those I’m including here are available at Taste of Home ¬†(highly recommended!)

When my four kids were young, we were a homeschooling family and we included “home ec” as part of our school program – baking, cooking, meal prep – and clean up, of course!

It really is difficult to choose one “best” meal, but I seem to recall the first time I made calzones – everybody loved them, and I did end up making them again, several times!

They were labor intensive, from making the crust, to stuffing the calzones, to baking them (and I made mine without the help of a bread machine for the crust) – and of course they were gone in considerably less time than it took to make them! Yummy and totally worth it, though!

I know for certain that a favorite breakfast meal was breakfast bread pudding – much like a pan of delicious French toast, with a few surprises added – usually made for special occasions.

I also know for sure that there are two other special dishes I still make for family gatherings – I dare not show up without them! One is a favorite pastry known as cream cheese coffee cake.

The other is my youngest daughter’s favorite dessert, strawberry angel cake – I use strawberry jello instead of the unflavored gelatin mentioned in the recipe (so you don’t need to add sugar, either). I also use a jello mold that has the hole in the center, and then after arranging some¬†fresh sliced strawberries on top of the cake, I put the remainder of them in a cup in that center hole so people can add more strawberries with their slices – or just eat them as is!

I think that sums up a few favorite “best” meals and dishes – how about you and your family? Maybe you can try one or more of these during the upcoming holidays – you might have a NEW “best” meal!

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  1. Andrew Ross - November 15, 2012 Reply

    Wow, Mom. I cannot believe you missed Italian Love Cake!! (

    I don’t remember where you got the recipe, to be honest, but I do know that this is one dish that goes beyond “favorite” – This is practically famous!

    Also, as far as one of the better cold weather meals you make, I have to list another one that you forgot about: Cheesy Chicken Soup!!

    All in all, though, an excellent summation of those items which we all love dearly — Because they’re each made with love!
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