Attention Bloggers – Make Your Blogs Famous with Michelle Shaeffer’s Help!

OK, all you bloggers – if you have been blogging for any length of time, then you know who Michelle Shaeffer is!

I just found out about this teaching she’s doing this afternoon and wanted to share it with you; and to be totally upfront, this is an affiliate link:  Make Your Blog Famous.

Here’s her bio and info about the teaching this afternoon:

Who the Heck Am I & Why Should You Learn From Me?

MichelleShaeffer (2)

You might be wondering who I am and how I’m qualified to teach this workshop. That’s a fair question. You’re a smart cookie to want to be sure you’re learning from someone who’s done what she’s teaching.

Hi, I’m Michelle Shaeffer (that’s me… — you might have guessed). I help entrepreneurs get their message out through blogging, social media, websites & online marketing.  And I believe that building your business online can be fun and exciting, and it shouldn’t mean teetering on the edge of insanity.

What makes me different from many other coaches and trainers is that I’ve got 20+ years of experience in designing hundreds of websites and blogs, plus I’ve spent more than a decade working behind the scenes for brilliant marketers (you’d know their names if I shared them), learning how big success in online entrepreneurial businesses really gets created.

And I’ve built my own business through blogging.  My award-winning blog at attracts between 250,000-325,000 page views a month (measured by CloudFlare).  I once wrote 42 blog posts in a single day, and I’ve mentored more than 5,000 bloggers through leading online blog challenges for the past year several years.

I don’t just talk about blogging and tell you that you should do it because it works. I’m doing it — and I’m getting results. Through the blog challenges and other projects I’m “in the trenches” and working with themes, plugins, templates, and all that other blogging “stuff” daily.

So check it out at Make Your Blog Famous if you have any desire to be successful in the blogosphere!

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  1. […] *Ultimate Blog Challenge (runs quarterly – January, April, July, and October).  Related to the UBC, I highly recommend checking out Michelle Shaeffer’s blog – she’s one of the best for blog ideas, and encouragement to develop and succeed as a blogger – and she does it by example! She also does workshops and holds private group trainings, such as one right now on how to “Make Your Blog Famous.” […]

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