Amazing New Year’s Fireworks from London

Since we are just about one week into our new year of 2012, I wanted to share this video of London’s amazing fireworks display.

What was your favorite part of this fireworks display? I watched more than one version, and I was awed by the brilliance of the colors, the length of time and number of fireworks displayed, the sequencing and special effects,  and the spectacle of Big Ben, that magnificent London landmark.

It made me wonder how to apply these attention-grabbing principles to blogging. I thought about what keeps me going back to someone’s blog.

I suppose the colors of the fireworks would be similar to the appearance of the blog – if the color scheme and layout of the blog are attractive, it grabs my attention. I enjoy visiting and reading the first time, and will likely return.

The length of time and number of fireworks – well, this one seems easy to translate: this would be like how long the blogger has been blogging and how many posts he or she has.  While there are certainly excellent new bloggers – and I hope to become one soon – those who have been around awhile and built up a reputation and a following are truly impressive.

Sequencing and special effects – I guess that similarity to blogging might be the timeliness of posts, and additional features on a blog that are appealing to readers.

One awesome spectacle, like Big Ben, I suppose would be like the blogger’s niche, for which he or she has become widely known.  In my admittedly limited blogging experience, I think of bloggers like Darren Rowse of ProBlogger; and the two “Michelles” – Michelle Shaeffer, and Michele Scism, the hosts of this Ultimate Blog Challenge – since they have been instrumental in motivating me to get into blogging.

Now I just have to figure out how to apply these principles to my various blogs!


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