A Drive, an Adoption, and a Star Wars Marathon on Three Things Thursday

3 Things Thursday!



May the fourth be with you!! Yes, I had to say it, and if you’re a Star Wars fan, you will get the play on words. 😉  And since today is also Thursday, according to my new blog schedule, it’s also “Three Things Thursday” – so I will share three things that happened today.

3 Things Thursday


First of all, my hubby’s workplace was closed today for an unexpected day off, due to a rewiring issue at the metal fabrication shop where he works. So we took advantage of the beautiful day here, loaded up our two dogs (Desi and Zoe), and took a drive on coastal route #1 here in Maine. So much newness of life to see, as spring has sprung and the new light green leaves contrast with the evergreen trees.


Our two pups, Desi and Zoe
                            Desi and Zoe


Secondly, the destination of our drive was to stop at a humane society for a “meet and greet” with an older dog who had been picked up about three weeks ago by the local police as a stray. Nobody ever came forward to notify the folks at the humane society that she was missing or to claim her, so she went up for adoption. They determined she is about 9 years old and likely a black lab/border collie mix; they had named her Tia, so we’re going with that for now. The “meet and greet” went well, and no real issues on the ride home or since we arrived home, so it appears Tia will fit in well with our family, and we can give her that “furever” home to live the rest of her life.


Tia on blanket
Our new pup, Tia – asleep on the blanket bed next to my desk


And third, since it’s May the fourth – there is a Star Wars marathon on TV (as in “May the force be with you“). So hubby and I have been watching for a few hours since we got home this afternoon.



So What About YOU?


What did you do this Thursday?


Are you a Star Wars fan? Did you watch any episodes?




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