My One and Only Political Post – Don’t Say Words You Will Regret Later!

Don’t say words you will regret later!!

ESPECIALLY for the sake of politics!



With things heating up since the debate and as we approach voting in November, I thought I would share my one and only political post, which I originally shared on Facebook. I just don’t like politics or what it does to families and friends. I seldom participate in political discussions because they usually get heated and I just don’t like confrontation, ESPECIALLY over politics. ūüôĀ


The political circus has once again turned family members and friends against each other, and caused them to say horrible things to and about one another simply for having different opinions and perspectives on candidates and issues. Mean-spirited comments have become the norm.


It’s hard to believe someone would ever call a family member or friend an idiot (or worse) under normal circumstances, yet it seems some how acceptable when it comes to politics and voting time.


I’ve read multiple statements to that effect even from people I know.¬† All around Facebook especially, many people’s family members commenting to/about other family members and friends to/about friends–making sweeping general pronouncements: “Anyone who votes for _____ is an idiot” or “If you believe _____ , you’re an idiot” –¬† or various other colorful or outright nasty words and phrases.


So apparently I’m an idiot according to some people out there, notoriously around Facebook. (Although technically, I assure you I am NOT an idiot, as I will soon join ranks with the top 2 – 3% of people in the US who earn doctorate degrees!)


I’ve also seen people on Facebook make the blanket statement that it’s a good thing NONE of the people on their “friends” list support _____ –¬† or if they DO support _____, to “unfriend” themselves immediately, or get unfriended or blocked!!


Really? Over POLITICS??


My preferences and opinions are bound to differ from someone else’s, especially from those who are very vocal about their own, and who believe everyone should hold the same opinions and beliefs they hold. On one of my rare interactions on a political thread on Facebook, after posting a link to an actual recorded interview (which had been shared on numerous major news outlets), someone told me it was inaccurate and not true, and I should stop sharing it–because it was different than this person’s own perspective or belief about the candidate.


It’s frustrating when you can’t reason with someone who seems figuratively blind and deaf, and out of touch with reality, even when provided with proven facts.¬† Many people won’t even consider alternative viewpoints without¬† resorting to name-calling, manipulation, bullying, and other negative behaviors. Then again, I have to wonder if ANY of the news we hear is truly unbiased and 100% accurate!


It’s sad, hurtful, and even pathetic to think we can’t have civil discussions and debates without turning on one another, throwing out common decency, and wounding one another with such vicious and even vile comments, all because we can’t agree to disagree…about politics! In my opinion, it’s just not worth damaging relationships over politics.


We are all going to have to live with the outcome of the elections, for good or bad, whether “our” candidate wins or loses.

What then? Will civility return?

Will apologies be made for the confrontations and hateful comments?

As one of my fellow bloggers, Alana, stated upon reading my “one and only political post” on Facebook:


May we all be friends again the day after Election Day.”



So what about YOU?

Do you actively engage in political discussions or do you tend to shy away?

Do you think this particular election is more volatile, and evokes more confrontation, than in past elections?



Hey, You, Don’t Be a FOOL!

Hey, You, Don’t Be a FOOL! That phrase is typically spoken in a less than kind tone of voice, typically following an occasion of a person saying or doing something unwise – or yes, foolish.



The Bible actually has a lot to say about fools and foolishness. The Psalms and Proverbs, especially, compare wisdom and foolishness, and in fact frequently make the admonishment to NOT be fools or act foolishly.


While most of us have probably “pranked” someone – or been the victims of pranks – there is usually no evil intent. Good-natured fun and laughter is actually a GOOD thing (“…a cheerful heart is good medicine…” paraphrased version of Proverbs 17:22). We just have to not cross the boundary into something that is truly foolish, harmful to someone’s feelings or health, or dangerous in any way.


We can do much more to encourage and build up others by acting wisely instead of foolishly. I think two of my favorite quotes about wisdom vs. foolishness are the followings Proverbs, paraphrased:


*Proverbs 17:28 Even fools are thought wise if they keep silent, and discerning if they hold their tongues.


*Proverbs 29:11 — A fool gives full vent to his anger, but a wise man keeps himself under control.


I think these might be the sources of the expression (attributed to Mark Twain and others)…


It’s better to remain quiet

and let people think you’re a fool,

than to open your mouth and remove all doubt!”


“It is better to weep with wise men

than to laugh with fools.”

~Spanish Proverb


“Real friends are those who,

when you feel you’ve made a fool of yourself,

don’t feel you’ve done a permanent job.”

~Author Unknown


*** Quotes from  ***


So what do YOU think?


Have you ever caught yourself saying or doing something that could be considered foolish?


At what point do you think a prank goes too far?



**NOTE** I’m participating in the Ultimate Blog Challenge again this month.¬† Are you a blogger who needs some encouragement and motivation to blog daily? Sign up at the –> UBC site AND then join the¬† –> UBC Facebook group!



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October 2 – Reflecting on the Day I First Experienced Motherhood

On this day 35 years ago–October 2, 1981 [lost our internet connection last night before¬† I could post this actually on October 2!] —I became a Mom for the first time. My son, Andrew James, entered the world on that morning at the Lakes Region General Hospital in Laconia, New Hampshire.



In attendance at the birth were my mother, due to her nursing career there at LRGH, along with other medical staff. My Dad waited nearby, anxiously awaiting the arrival of his first grandchild. Noticeably absent was my son’s father–essentially only a “sperm donor” because the marriage only lasted a few months, during which time he denied even being responsible for my pregnancy, even as he engaged in an affair with another woman.


Negatives aside…it was an amazing experience¬† to see that little one who had taken up residence in my womb for nine months, finally come forth. Our circumstances at the time were less than ideal, since I was a divorced single mother living at home with my parents only about a year and a half after graduating from college with big hopes and dreams. Yet, together, we gave little Andy the loving family and nurturing home environment every child deserves.


Dad-AndyDad/Grampy trying to put socks on Andy’s feet!


Within a couple years, I met and married my second husband, who legally adopted then 2-year-old Andy, and with whom I eventually had three daughters. Our life together was certainly not perfect, but we did our best to raise our family in a loving environment by God’s principles, even though our marriage ended after about 20 years together.



In spite of hardships, Andrew has become a multi-talented, creative individual — creativity seems to run in the family! He picked up some of his Grampy’s artistic talent in painting.¬† Andrew also engages in creative photography and graphic design; he writes and is a published author (check out his author’s site HERE); and he has become quite the musician and rap artist as well.



On February 11, 2006, I was blessed to have Andrew accompany me and “present” me to Dave at our small family-and-friends wedding at Dave’s father’s and step-mom’s house.




Fast forward to today, on Andrew’s 35th birthday, and he lives much too far away on the other side of the country from Maine, in New Mexico! I am proud of him for all the obstacles he has overcome, for his dedication to serving God, for using his God-given gifts, for the goals he has achieved and continues to reach for, and for the responsible husband he has become to my only daughter-in-love, Alisia (Lisi).


A recent long awaited visit with my son and my daughter-in-love!

A recent long awaited visit with my son and my daughter-in-love!



Reflecting on his 35 years of life, from baby to little boy, to a young man who is now a husband, I’m reminded of this poem:

Cleaning and scrubbing can wait till tomorrow,

For babies grow up, we’ve learned to our sorrow.

So quiet down, cobwebs,

Dust, go to sleep.

I’m rocking my baby, and babies don’t keep.”




I would encourage all you parents of little ones–even if your circumstances are less than ideal–enjoy your children while you can, because they do indeed grow up much too fast and then they’re involved in lives of their own, sometimes VERY far away.


Love you and miss you, my son! 

Happy 35th Birthday!!



How about you readers?


Do you have young children still at home?


Or are you also an “empty nester” with all the children grown and out of the house?

One of Andrew's books

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† One of Andrew’s books


Happy October 1st – About K. Lee Banks, Freelance Consultant Services

           Just me, K. Lee!

Hi, I am K. Lee Banks! Welcome to my blog!


Happy October 1st! I must start this month by apologizing for going missing since my first day of fall post on September 22 in which I shared the FAQs for my home-based businesses (please check it out if you missed it!) Other obligations with higher priorities kept me busy for the 10 days or so since that post. Now I thought I would start the month of October by re-introducing myself and the reason for having this blog (you can also read this info any time on my About page).


I am a lifelong learner, having earned a Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree with a concentration in Instructional Technology in 2008, at the “ripe old age” of 50 (and I was thrilled to earn a 4.0 GPA!) Now I am a doctoral candidate in the “All But Dissertation” (ABD) phase of my Doctor of Education¬† (Ed.D.) degree program, with a dual concentration in Educational Technology and E-Learning.


I should complete my study and defend my dissertation by late fall 2016 and officially become Dr. K. Lee! ūüėČ


These were long-delayed goals, after raising four children and providing a structured home education for them over a period of eleven years. Now that I am “all grown up” – I have been able to pursue additional education and career paths for myself!


Along with several years of experience in primarily educational and social services positions – including speech and developmental therapy – I have acquired many years of experience in various forms of editing and writing through academic, professional, and life experience, in all the following areas:


*Proofreading and editing: Review and correct all common English language errors, including grammar, spelling, punctuation, word usage, fluency; AP style proofreading/editing.

*Academic writing and editing: High school through graduate level compositions, content development, research papers, MLA and/or APA style; please note this does NOT include the unethical practice of writing papers for OTHER students! I provide editing, proofreading, and formatting assistance for students – but I will NEVER write papers for them!

*Creative writing: Essays, prose, and blog and forum posts.

*Professional writing: Journalism, documentation, resumes, business, and web content.

*Blogging: Content for various types of blogs; setting up WordPress and Blogspot blogs.


Additional Services


*Instructional Design: I am familiar and experienced with the instructional design framework, based on Gagne’s Nine Events of Instruction, as well as Bloom’s Taxonomy, and understand the importance of strong objectives, goals, and assessments.

*Curriculum Development and Review: I have experience in developing and reviewing high school and college courses, as well as individual adult education and career training modules.

*Assessment/Test Items and Sample Reading Passages: I have experience in developing and writing ELA/ELL assessment or test items (terms used differently by various clients), and sample reading passages, as well as corresponding rationales for right and wrong answers.

*Tutoring/Instructional Facilitation: I can provide online tutoring, primarily in English grammar and writing skills, having gained experience working as an online writing tutor for the online writing lab at Smarthinking. I have also received training as an online instructional facilitator.

*PowerPoint: I can create PowerPoint presentations as stand-alone modules or add them to enhance web content. I am currently studying graphic and digital design, to further develop my skill sets.


As of October 2016, I have over 3,200 articles published online and have written one book, Fatherly Reflections, a tribute to my late Dad, to other dads, and to fatherhood in general.


I have also co-authored a second book with Dr. Christine Mason of the Center for Educational Improvement (CEI – a non-profit organization), entitled Heart Beaming.¬† The book is “a free tool teachers can use to help students relieve stress, improve performance, and enhance classroom interactions through song, dance, movement, fun, laughter and positive thinking.” The simple exercises would be equally effective for parents to use at home with their children.


As of October 2016, I am in my 9th year as an instructional designer and educational consultant. I have authored, co-authored, and/or reviewed about 15 courses. These projects varied from creating individual sample lessons, to entire courses, from scripts and storyboards to full online course content and instructor guidelines. I have also written reading passage and assessment/test items and content for various clients and have served as an English Language Arts (ELA) Subject Matter Expert (SME).


I count it a privilege and honor to engage in freelance work through a virtual relationship with clients across various industries, although my primary focus is in high school and adult education. I thoroughly enjoy communication in any form and consider every opportunity as a new challenge for my creative skills. While I am experienced and proficient in many areas, I would not yet call myself an “expert” in all areas, as I believe there always is room for growth!


In addition to this blog, I have the following blog that may interest some of you, and my other professional site blog with more freelance work-related information – see you there!


Words of Encouragement


Office Help 4 Hire



So what about YOU?

Had you ever read my About page?

Do you have a blog in which you write about specific career or life goals?


Fall 2016 – FAQs for My Home-Based Businesses

Welcome to the first day of FALL 2016 – my favorite season! How are you doing? Any special plans for the upcoming first weekend of fall?


                         FAQs for My Businesses

[Source: morgueFile free photos]

One blog challenge I was participating in last year had a writing prompt that was  kind of fun and not something I had thought about before: writing FAQs for my businesses!  So I thought I would re-publish these FAQs, since there are several questions people have frequently asked me about both my freelance business and my quilt business. I should mention I have used just my first initial K (for Karen) and my middle name Lee, combined with my last name, for many years as my business and online persona.


So here we go!



**FAQ for K. Lee Banks, Freelance Consultant Services**

1. Why did you begin your business?

I “came home” to work after a brief career as a speech and developmental therapist. I enjoyed working with the children, but traveling 350+ miles a week became too fatiguing and stressful, especially on Maine’s back roads in the winter.

I had enjoyed writing ever since I was a teenager, but had never considered it as a potential career. The combination of freelance writing and instructional design, following earning my Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree back in 2008, helped launch my business.

2. When did you begin your business?

I began my freelance business just¬† about 8 1/2 years ago, in February 2008, when I left my traveling speech and developmental therapist position and “came home” to work.

3. What services do you offer?

I began with basic freelance writing and content creation for a number of clients and content companies. Over the years, I have added instructional design, assessment and course writing, curriculum development, research associate, and English Language Arts Subject Matter Expert.

4. What is your preferred or specialized service?

Based on my M. Ed. degree and my current status as a doctoral candidate, within a couple months of earning my Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) degree, my preferred or specialized service is instructional design and curriculum development.

5. Has self-employment been successful for you?

Yes, I have found as I continue my education and gain experience, self-employment in these particular areas has become an even more successful career path. The available relevant  freelance opportunities and pay rates have all increased considerably since early 2008.

6. Do you have a LinkedIn profile?

Yes, you can find my LinkedIn profile HERE.

7. Where can I find your business online?

For now, I have my informal blog here and and my LinkedIn profile mentioned above. I am currently exploring options for a new primary freelance site– stay tuned!


**FAQ for K-Lee’s Kreations**

1. What is K-Lee’s Kreations?

K-Lee’s Kreations is my home-based business featuring my line of handmade customized home decor and other items, ranging from pillows and quilts, to bags and stuffed “critters.”

2. What is your background for your “kreative” business?

My mother originally introduced me to sewing because she used to make clothing for my siblings and me. Then I took Home Economics in school and gained more skills, and just never stopped learning. Since then, I’ve taught myself or learned from others along the way to do a variety of crafts.

Now I can make anything from baby’s clothing to wedding gowns and tailored suits; and home decor items and various craft items.

3. How long have you been sewing/crafting/quilting?

I began sewing and crafting over 40 years ago as a young teenager, when my mother first got me started on sewing. Then about 25 years ago, I began quilting. I added the special feature of imprinted photos about 9 years ago.

4. What products do you make?

The majority of my products are home decor items, including quilts, pillows, wall hangings, and table runners. I also make bags of all shapes and sizes, as well as soft sculpture dolls and assorted “critters.”

I hope to add to my product line this year or next, as soon as I teach myself to do felting and rug hooking (the old-fashioned kind).

5. What is your specialty?

Most of my products are made-to-order customized items. My specialty is adding imprinted photos, for an extra special, personalized touch.

6. How does imprinting work on fabric?

Most people send photos as ‘jpeg’ attachments via email – some folks send photos via ‘snail mail’ and I scan them. I typically do a little photo editing: do some cropping, make them the right size, add different effects, add text, or whatever works for each photo.

I have a second printer set up with sublimation ink and dye sublimation transfer paper, which is what I use to print out the photos.

I then IMPRINT the photos onto a poly-poplin fabric using sublimation ink and a heat press. I started with one that my ‘handy hubby’ made for me, with a simple hot plate and base!¬† I now have an official heat press made by Gecko Heat Transfer Solutions.

My Heat Press for Imprinting Photos on Fabric

My Heat Press for Imprinting Photos on Fabric

These are NOT regular computer ink photos!

The combination of the sublimation ink and the heat press transforms the ink into a gas, which permeates the fabric. This causes the photos to virtually become part of the fabric, making them permanent, while the fabric stays soft and flexible (not the stiff ironed-on feeling!)

You can also wash and dry the items with the imprinted photos!

This is one of my newer designs–log cabin photo blocks in a quilt and coordinating pillows:

Log Cabin Quilt and Pillows

Log Cabin Quilt and Pillows

7. Where can I find your business online?

You can find my business online in three places currently (looking into adding some niche sites this year on specific themed items, such as only bags, only pillows, prim crafts, and others):

My primary K-Lee’s Kreation site

My Etsy shop

My Bonanza booth


I hope you have enjoyed learning more about both of my businesses!¬† It was fun writing these FAQs; I plan to add them as their own pages on my blogs. The “consultant” FAQ will be here, and the “kreations” FAQ will be on a new KLK site–hopefully up and running before the holidays! Stay tuned!! ūüôā


What about you?

Do you have a FAQ on your blog or website to address common questions people might ask about what you do?

If so, feel free to share your link in your comment! ūüôā

Collage showing some of the steps in the quiltmaking process.

                Collage showing some of the steps in the quiltmaking process.

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